Q. What is Bechomobile?

Bechomobile is a unique mobile selling platform from where you can sell your old or used mobile phones Also if you're a corporate you can get a platform to promote your brand.

Q. How do I sell my mobile via Bechomobile?

Log on to Bechomobile.com and enter the details of your gadget. We would ask you a few basic questions relating to the condition of your gadget. If you agree to sell, schedule an appointment up by entering your coordinates and our representative will come to pick up your gadget within the next 2-3 working days (generally it is within 24 hours) and pay you.

Q. In which cities do you have direct pick up services?

We have direct pick up service in Kolkata right now. We are adding new cities every month. It is not necessary that we may be doing all categories of gadget in above mentioned cities. There may be some instances when we may not be able to do direct pick up in these cities even if its mentioned in our website and our team will keep you informed accordingly. We do pick up from Monday to Sunday except all public holidays. Pick up are done between 9.30 am to 7 pm.

Q. What do you mean by direct pick up and will I get cash instantly?

Direct pick up means our service engineer or our representative will come to your doorstep to physically evaluate your gadget's condition and match it to the conditions you mentioned while generating the quote. If the conditions of your device matches to the description provided, he will pay you in Cash/IOU slip Instantly at that moment itself.

Q. What if during direct pick-up, the details of gadget do not match with the ones I provided on the website?

In such a condition our representative will quote you the price according to the actual condition or details of gadget. If you agree with the quote, we will pay you the quoted amount. If you don't agree with the quote then there is no charge and you can keep your gadget.

Q. Do I need to give you the original bill too?

In case your gadget is under warranty from the company then you need to provide us the original bill. Apart from that, you need to give us a copy of your ID proof and sign an Indemnity bond which our representative will provide you.

Q. What if my gadget is under warranty and I have lost the bill?

In such a condition we will consider your product to be more than a year old and price the gadget accordingly as we will not be able to claim the warranty if required without the bill.

Q. You do not have a direct pickup service in my location then how can I sell my gadget to you?

Currently we are not picking up items which are not available for direct pick up. We will surely start pick up service in your city very soon. You can send request to info. Bechomobile@gmail.com with your City/Pincode details and if we get enough request from your city we will start our service there.

Q. Why do you need copy of my id proof for selling my gadget?

This is a legal requirement as we have to prove proof of ownership of each old gadget we buy. This also prevents selling of stolen goods. The indemnity which you sign simply states that you are the owner of the gadget which you are selling applicable state law.

Q. If you quote me the price and I don't agree to it in such condition will there be any visit charges?

Our services are completely free for the entire process.

Q. How are you different from classified websites like OLX and Quikr?

We give you a guaranteed/assured buy-back price, transparency and ease of transaction. Your personal information is not released online and saves you from numerous useless buyer calls and hassle. We give you a one-stop platform to sell your old gadgets from the comfort of your home.

Q. My Gadget is in bad condition – it's falling apart! I don't think you'd want to buy it.

Sure we'll buy it! Let us know what kind of Gadget you have by filling in the form.

Q. I can't find Gadget model on your website. Can you help?

We currently may not be accepting a few model or brands. You could still drop a mail to us and we can figure out if we can help you sell your gadget. Contact us at info. Bechomobile@gmail.com

Q. Does Bechomobile service cost me anything?

Nope! From start to finish, Bechomobile's service is completely free to use.

Q. Will you charge me for picking up my Gadget?

Nope! It is absolutely free!

Q. I have sensitive information stored on my gadget. Should I erase it myself?

We advise you to clean all your data from your gadget. While we take steps to ensure we fully erase and reformat each and every gadget but it will be still advisable to erase all data yourself. You can also ask the help of our representative to do the same during the pick up.

Q. My phone screen is broken/ Physically damaged but is less than 12 months old, will it be considered under warranty?

As per warranty condition, a gadget is considered out of warranty if its physically damaged/screen broken. Hence this kind of gadget/phone will be considered out of warranty.

Q. I don't feel comfortable sharing my id proof, Will you buy my gadget without my id proof?

No. We need to establish proof that you are legal owner of the product we are buying. This is necessary to keep stolen good out of Bechomobile environment. To make sure that your id proof is not misused, please cross it and write details of item being sold on it.

Q. Do I need to include all the power cables/Accessories/Bills/Box etc?

If you have them yes, if not make sure you clearly mark this on the instant quote page to make sure there is no delay in your order.

Q. Do you buy everything yourself or do you have partners?

We at Bechomobile have mission to help people sell their old phones easily and as fast as possible. So to achieve this goal we have partners in various cities who buy these gadgets on our behalf and on our terms and conditions. For you the process and the price remains the same. All our partners are trained to deliver the same level of service as we do.

Q. What do you do with these old used gadgets?

We along with our partners refurbish these gadgets so that they get an extended life. By extending life not only we promote reuse but also make it economical for lot of people to by high value gadgets. If you are looking to buy refurbished gadget then you can visit: our other link. For the ones which are broken or non repairable we use them for parts. After all this the left over sent to our recycling partners for recycling.

Q. How do I schedule a pick up for my gadget?

If you have filled up the form in our website then you just need to click on 'Schedule a Pick Up' and fill the form regarding your contact details and we will soon contact you for the same.

Q. I bought my phone for Rs. 25,000/- 10 days earlier and now I want to sell it but I am being given very low value. I want Rs. 24,000/- for it

When you buy a gadget and sell it in few days, please don't expect high price for it because it falls under the category of 'used'. You may be better of selling it to a friend. For a professional buyer the product has already lost 25- 50% of its value when you bought it.

Q. I bought my phone is USA and now want to sell. Will you buy it? Also do you buy locked phones?

We buy gadgets which you bought outside India but we don't consider it in warranty even if you have a valid bill with it. This is because most gadgets bought outside India have warranty valid in the country of origin and not in India. Also we don't buy locked phone or CDMA phones.